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Daily Distractions of Sway

Friends call me Sway, but YOU... you also call me Sway. I can already feel the connection.
I'm just your regular broke graduate student. I just want to get through graduate school with a grain of my sanity left. Is that really too much to ask?

Anyway. Welcome to my escape.
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Life Is But A Dream: Review

Just finished the documentary, honestly, all I have is even more respect for her. I’ve watched and wondered for years how such an inspirational woman keeps it together, and I feel like tonight I just caught a glimpse into such an incredible person.  She always keeps herself at a distance from the public and from the media, and it almost makes her seem uppity in some people’s eyes. After this documentary, though, it’s so obvious that she really is just another person with issues and heartache and struggle, and just to see the side so close is just amazing as a fan. Forever satisfied.

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